there are three types of visits that have different terms of payment


Depending on the time of day and your location, we provide on-site inspection and diagnosis of problems you encounter with heating and cooling equipment.  This “service call” may be on an emergency basis,  a routine basis or at a convenient time for you.  The cost to send an experienced trained technician to your home or workplace in our fully equipped “Warehouse on Wheels” is our Diagnostic Charge.  This fee covers overhead expenses like insurance, telephone, office personnel, inventory, the travel time to your location and many other costs involved in getting the technician there to solve your issue. Diagnostic fee is as low as $19.95 for Club members to $179.00 for commercial equipment on overtime.  This diagnostic fee becomes due and payable once the technician provides you with their analysis and suggested plan of action.  


If the plan of action is a minor adjustment or simple fix, the service may be completed at no additional charge.  If, however you need a part or additional labor, a written estimate will be provided for your approval.  Once you have authorized the repairs we will complete the service as agreed and you will then be responsible for payment in full at the time service is completed.


If for any reason you decide not to have any work completed, you are only responsible for the original diagnostic charge.  You are entitled to a copy of the service technicians written report and quotation. 


Garantee and Warranty

You only pay once!  We guarantee the diagnostic charge for a minimum of 30 days. Regardless of the outcome of the service visit if you have a service call within 30 days you will not be charged for another diagnostic charge on the same equipment, even if the subsequent service has nothing to do with the original service request.  There may be longer term warranties on specific parts from manufacturers and we will cover the labor for up to one year on defective parts and repairs.  We will stand behind the work we do so you can be comfortable with us.


Maintenance is provided at a convenient time for both you and our service personnel.  This non-emergency service is provided to keep your equipment operating at peak performance, reduce the need for additional or emergency service visits, and provide our technicians with work during our slow seasons in the spring and fall.  Some of these scheduled visits are weather dependent and may be rescheduled due to inclement weather or if the outdoor temperature falls below minimum requirements to properly test the equipment performance.    

Maintenance visits are only scheduled during regular business hours.  The manufacturer of every type of heating and air conditioning appliance has a suggested maintenance included with the installation and operation instructions.  Our tune up and inspection visit includes all the manufacturers requirements and more!  Since Emergency service calls can occur at unpredictable times and Mother Nature sometimes does not cooperate, we need to call a customer from time to time, to reschedule normal maintenance.   Maintenance is a very important part of the services that we provide and because most customers allow this flexibility we offer a very thorough cleaning, inspection and adjustment visit, at a very reasonable price.

For example we listed the Flat Rate cost for every service we provided on a typical oil burner below. As you can see we perform over $1,000.00 in services, parts, adjustments and tests.  This thorough oil burner tune-up and inspection is only $159.00 when completed as a normal maintenance visit as described above. 


Insect heat exchanger                                                       

Inspect base of chimney                                           

Inspect vent connector                                                 

Replace air filter                                                           

Check or adjust fuel pump pressure                            

Test ignition system                                                      

Observe fuel pump cut off valve performance             

Clean and adjust firing assembly/electrodes              

Replace nozzle    

Replace fuel filter refill                                                       

Clean burner housing, burner blower wheel       

Clean and/or adjust flame sensor                             

Operate flame safeguard lockout control             

Check and adjust limit settings                                  

Adjust burner/flame settings                                   

Lubricate motors and linkages                                    

Combustion test with instruments                          

Observe overall operation/ report on possible problems 


prices based on October 2015 flat rate price book


This lower cost service is due and payable upon completion in the same way as a service call. You may also want to consider purchasing one of our Club Memberships where this visit is included for FREE!





















We provide FREE ESTIMATES for new and replacement equipment sales.  When it is time to retire that old heating or air conditioning system or if you at planning an addition to your home of office, our experienced estimator will make a thorough survey of your project and provide you with a detailed Quote for your approval.  Once you have selected a plan of action, you have 3 payment options.  


Our Standard Terms are: a deposit of 1/3 of the job with an approved agreement or Quote. When we receive the necessary paperwork, we will have the equipment delivered to your location and schedule the job for our installers.  Once the equipment arrives on site you will be invoiced for another 1/3. upon delivery  Once that is paid we will start your job and when completed we will review the finished project with you at which time we will register the warranty with the manufacturer and the final balance is due and payable. 



Credit Card

Our second option to pay for your purchase is with a credit card.  This is a convenience that allows absentee homeowners to purchase new equipment when an emergency arises.  There is no need to make a special trip to sign paperwork and write a check. We will charge your credit card when you approve the job, and charge your credit card when the equipment is delivered to the site.  When we are finished the project we will call for your approval to make the final payment upon completion.  This option affords you special protection from your credit card company in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the result.  Please keep in mind that your approval is requested each time before we make any charges to credit card.


Extended Payment Options

Another option is to use our third party financing provider, with approved credit. For more information on this option click on Learn More

Payment is due and payable upon completion of services rendered unless other arangements are made before service is rendered.. If payment is not rendered at the time service is rendered, a Charge Account Application fee of $25.00 will be added to your invoice. This fee may be deducted if paid within 10 calendar days of service.    Payments by check, draft, money order credit card or voucher, returned to us unpaid by our bank will be subject to a $30.00 returned item fee.  Accounts that have an outstanding balance over 30 days will be subject to a 2% per month finance charge.  Any reasonable costs incurred, including but not limited to attorney’s fees of 33% of the outstanding balance, in the collection of fees and charges associated with services provided under the terms of service listed above will be added to the customer’s total balance due.

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