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Department LLC

Silver and Platinum

Service Club

Annual Maintenance

What we do for

trouble free performance

Check and clean burner assembly

Clean and adjust ignition

Replace thermocouple

Replace nozzle

Replace fuel filter

Inspect/Clean/Replace air filter

Operate relief valve

Calibrate/test thermostat, clean contacts

Replace thermostat batteries

Test/adjust fuel pressure

Test/ adjust fuel mixture

Test safety, limit and flame failure controls

Remove and inspect flue pipe*

Inspect base of chimney*

Inspect heat exchanger

Seal burner housing/inspection ports

Vacuum Cleaning (if needed) additional **

Wash condenser coil (outside)

Chemically clean evaporator coil (inside)*

Clean condensate drain lines

Check for refrigerant leaks

Measure air flow and temperature

Test voltage and current at compressor

Lubricate motors and linkages

Inspect ductwork for leakage*



*Where accessible     ** Included in Platinum

Before you call for service you should check the folowing:

Oil Heat:

  1. Is there fuel in the tank?

  2. Is the electric power on?  Check the power switch, emergency switch, circuit breaker and fuses to be sure there is electric power to 

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